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2011 has been quite a year for Combat Arms, especially if you’re a fan of guns and enjoy finding exciting new ways to use them. To celebrate and highlight the 185 additions made to the arsenal this past year,the “Best of 2011” Sale has brought back retirees and is giving deep discounts on a huge number of weapons! After a sale like this, you’ll be more prepared than ever to hit the six new maps, new game mode, and of course, the Gun Emporium that 2011 brought to Combat Arms.
 Combat Arms Command 

The Best of 2011 Sale was a sale that occured from December 14th, 2011 to December 22nd, 

The NX Sales

Permanent NX Weapons

The following NX weapons were on sale for 25% off (permanent):

Assault Rifle Original Price Sale Price
CZ805 24,900 NX 18,675 NX
XK-8 Tactical
Submachine Gun Original Price Sale Price
T-2 24,900 NX 18,675 NX
Sniper Rifle Original Price Sale Price
M1866 29,900 NX 22,425 NX
Shotgun Original Price Sale Price
Jackhammer 19,900 NX 14,925 NX
Machine Gun Original Price Sale Price
MG21E Steel 19,900 NX 14,925 NX
MG42 Steel
Pistol Original Price Sale Price
Anaconda Gold 9,900 NX 7,425 NX
ETC Original Price Sale Price
MZP-1 19,900 NX 14,925 NX

Supply Cases

Supply Case Original Price Sale Price Discount
Supply Crate MYST-Alpha 1x: 2,000 NX
7x: 13,000 NX
15x: 24,000 NX

Gift/buy one
Get one back

Supply Crate MYST-Bravo
Supply Crate MYST-Charlie
Supply Crate MYST-Delta
Supply Crate MYST-Echo
Supply Crate MYST-Foxtrot
Supply Crate MYST-Golf
Supply Crate MYST-Hotel
Supply Crate MYST-India
Supply Crate MYST-Juliet
Kalika Case None

Permanent Gear

Item Original Price Sale Price
Prankster Bandana 8,900 NX

The GP Sales

  • All GP weapons had a 25% off discount for 90-day durations.
  • Also, 50% off the Supply Case MYST-G
  • Max, a GP-exclusive Mercenary, was on sale for 100,000 GP (for permanent)!


Combat Arms Best of 2011 Sale00:56

Combat Arms Best of 2011 Sale

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