Warcorp's top agent, and former JSF operative. He has stood by Coleman since the early days of Warcorp, and has been the key to their success in the mercenary world.
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One of Warcorp's top mercenaries, Baron specializes in urban street battles and is intimately tied to Warcorp's command echelons.
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Released Date
+15% Protection
-6% Speed
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction: Ico rank10 03Command Sergeant Major/III
7 Days - 19,500 GP
30 Days - 39,500 GP
7 Days - 2,900 NX
30 Days - 5,900 NX

Baron is a male Mercenary released through the 6-15-12 Content Update.

He is available through the Black Market and the Shop (with a rank restriction of Command Sergeant Major/III) for purchase. He also has a classic counterpart which retains his former stats.


Baron is equipped with +15% Protection and -6% speed.

Baron has two custom-owned weapons, Baron's Revised M416 CQB and the Baron's M416 CQB.


An excellent, natural-born soldier who specializes in urban close-quarters battle, Baron is one of the core members of the Warcorp PMC. He is extremely close with the enigmatic Colonel Miles Coleman – one of Warcorp’s governing Board of Directors and widely known as Warcorp’s "brain."

Baron’s friendship with Coleman, a legendary figure amongst all soldiers, had its beginnings in Baron’s first combat mission. At the time, Lieutenant Miles Coleman, a lead military intelligence officer and rising star for the UAF, was stranded in enemy territory after his transport chopper was shot down returning from a top-secret briefing. Baron, one of the youngest recruits of UAF Special Forces, volunteered for the rescue mission. After many UAF commandos were cut down in an ambush as they assaulted the compound where Coleman was being held, Baron was able to continue the mission and single handedly save and extract the lieutenant, as well as three other survivors, despite his relative lack of combat experience.

Impressed by the young soldier’s natural combat skills, Coleman became a mentor for Baron, and upon Coleman’s personal recommendation, brought him over to the black ops side of UAF Spec Ops. The two men carried out multiple missions throughout the African and Middle Eastern theaters: Coleman as the op commander, with Baron and his men in the field. When Colonel Coleman suddenly betrayed the UAF after Operation Sand Hog (for reasons unknown) and became part of Warcorp, Baron decided to follow suit. Joining Coleman, Baron is known as both Coleman’s personal bodyguard, and his top strike force commander. Coleman continues to send Baron out on the missions of paramount importance to Warcorp's secret operating agenda.



Classic Baron


Silver II
Classic Baron


GP Standard
Classic Baron
NX Standard
Classic Baron


  • Baron was sold for a permanent duration on August 19th, 2012 for 90,000 gp as part of the One Day Sale
  • He was again sold for permanent during the Black Friday Sale (2013) at 70,000 GP.



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