Body armor that provides just the right amount of defense while not compromising speed and agility of the owner.
  — The Arsenal 

The Balanced Vest is a vest that was added in the 5-27-09 Patch. It provides bullet protection and speed reduction between the Medium and Heavy vests.


The Balanced Vest reduces damage from firearms by a decent 10%, and only slows down the player by 8%. From its debut until the end of August 2009, it was only obtainable by hiring Rocco, because like Hauser's Commando Vest, it was exclusive to only Rocco. Thus, it was not available to the general public until the 8-26-09 Patch was released. The Balanced Vest is available in the Shop, for players ranked at Master Sergeant/III and above.



  • The Assault Vest looks similar to the Balanced Vest, except for a slight design tweak and an integration of some of the Light Vest's qualities.
  • Many players find this vest "useless" since it's -8% speed is close to a Heavy Vest's -10% speed while offering +15% protection.
  • Classic Rocco is equipped with a Balanced Vest, whereas the newer version of Rocco has a 10% protection bonus and a 3% speed reduction.