The BGM (Background Game Music) is the background music of the game. Combat Arms' BGM has been through three major updates, including the original music, the transition of the new UI, and the introduction of the Jukebox.

The BGM can be found on the Game Settings.

Features of the BGM include:

  • Turn Off/On the BGM
  • Adjust the sound volume of the BGM
  • Variety of music, either from Combat Arms itself, or from the Player's Jukebox
  • Repeatingly streams music while the player is in Game Lobby, Game Room etc. Is not available when the player is in-game.

List of (default) BGM songs Current default song in bold

  • Until the Day is Won
  • Conspiracy
  • Let Loose the Beast
  • Light at the End of the Barrel
  • The Front
  • No Contest
  • Evil Never Dies


  • The original BGM songs were later named "Light at the End of the Barrel" and "The Front."
  1. The newer songs were named "Until the Day is Won" and "Conspiracy."
  2. The even newer songs were named "Let Loose the Beast" and "No Contest"

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