Type of Mech
Artemis sniper cannon
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Using the Artemis sniper cannon, this mech fires full-auto sniper rounds very accurately
  — Mech Description 

The Avenger is a Sniper Mech that was released on the 13.7.2012 Content Update. Avenger is one of the vehicles players can use to fight in the Fireteam Map, NEMEXIS Labs.


The Avenger is a Mech that has its own unique weapon, the Artemis sniper cannon. The Artemis sniper cannon  is fully automatic, but the spread is relatively bad for a sniper rifle-class weapon. It does include a round metallic blue reticle as a scope. When using the Artemis weapon, the player's custom reticle doesn't appear unless they right click to aim down the sniper's scope.

The Avenger can be used in-game if the player goes to the mech and equips it (by holding the key, E).

Excluding the Dreadnought, the Avenger is the slowest of all the Mechs, since it uses a heavy sniper rifle to walk/run with, which slows the Mech down.


  • There is a bug in which if a player uses a male character while using the Avenger, they will have female voice commands - and vice versa
  • The Artemis rifle is named after the Greek goddess of the hunt and archery, who is known for never missing her target, alluding to the sniper's high accuracy.


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