This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

August Harvest Event

Attention Soldiers!

Its August, and summer is now starting to draw to a close. While we at Combat Arms Command are always sad to see the end of the season, even if we won't miss the heat, we figure the best way to end summer is with a bang!

Some big events are coming to Combat Arms, and keep your eyes peeled, because more may be coming soon!
  — Combat Arms Command 

The August Harvest Event was an event that occured during August, 2012.

Silver and Gold Case Login Event

Silver and gold case

From August 1st - 14th, each day a player logs in, he/she would receive a Silver Case. If the player logs in on 5 different days of a week (8/1-7 and 8/8-14), he/she would receive a Gold Case.

For more information, see Silver and Gold Case Event.

Hot Shot Event

All players logged in between 4:00 PM PDT and 6:00 PM PDT on August 3rd will recieve four Patriot Caps, as well as a free MYST-Quebec.

For more information, see August 3rd Hot Shot Event.

30% EXP/GP Weekend

From August 3rd to August 5th, all servers will reward with an additional 30% EXP and GP.

Double HiSec Weekend

From August 3rd to August 5th, the drop rate for Black and Grey HiSec Cases will has increased by 100%.

MYSTery MVP Event

The ten players that earn the most of the following MVP's from August 3rd to August 5th will earn three Supply Crate MYST-Quebec and the rest of the top 100 for each MVP will get a MYST-Quebec.

  • Skull Buster: Awarded to the player that shoots the most enemies in the head.
  • Fragmentor: Awarded to the player that kills the most enemies with Explosive weapons.
  • That's My Flag!: Awarded to the player that kills the most enemies while their team controls the Headquarters.
  • Spy Hunter: Awarded to the player that kills the most Spies.

Bonus Roulette

Bonus Roulette (week 1):

From August 1st to August 7th, bonus prizes were added to the Roulette Wheel including:

Item Duration/Amount
Respawn Tokens 1-5
Party Respawn Tokens 1-3
Tanker Mutagen 1-day
Striker Mutagen 1-day

Bonus Roulette (Week 2):

From August 8th to August 15th, different bonus prizes replaced the old ones on the Roulette Wheel, including:

Item Duration/Amount
Weapon Patch Kit 1x
Anaconda Silver 1-day
Beretta 93R
G18 Cobra
Balisong Knife
Dom Pedro Sword
Tracker Knife
Custom Reticles 1 to 7-day

EXP/GP Booster Event

EXP and GP rates on all servers are increased by 50% between August 10th to August 12th.

From 4:00 PM-6:00 PM PDT on Friday, August 10th, EXP and GP rate is increased by 400% for the Black Market-West Server.

Stab-N-Slash Sale

A sale that occured between 10th August - 12th August, 2012.

For more information, see Stab-N-Slash Sale.

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