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Arms Settings is a game function that allows room moderators to prohibit certain weapon categories to be used in-game. The current settings available are:

One Category Restricted Only One Category Permitted
No Sniper Rifles Snipers Only
No Shotguns Shotguns Only
No Explosives
No Backpack
Pistols Only
Melee Only
Duty Roster (Battle Master's use only)

Only one arms setting may be chosen. The exception to this is if the room moderator is equipped with the Super Elite Moderator. In this case, the moderator can combine two game settings of any combination. However, some combinations are technically not possible. These are

  • No Sniper Rifles + Sniper Only
  • No Shotguns + Shotguns Only

Arms Settings cannot be set at all for the following game modes:


  • Melee weapons can be brought into any game, regardless of the designated arms setting.
  • Restricted items can still be equipped when a player enters the game, as long as he/she still has an unrestricted Primary Weapon to use. The player cannot access the restricted weapon(s) in-game, however.
  • An equipped backpack will still show being worn by the player in 'No Backpack' games. However, it is only cosmetic as the player cannot access any weapons in it. Any speed reductions will still apply.
  • The 'Duty Roster' arms setting is the only setting that requires purchase to use. All other arms settings are readily available. 

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