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Br De Fr
Main anti flash goggles
Anti-Flash Goggles II
GP cost

1 Day - 760 GP

NX cost

1 Day - 310 NX

Permanent - 8,370 NX


Ico rank08 01Sergeant_First_Class/I




Stamina +5%

Flash Protection +100%

Protective eye wear that guards eyes with specially coated lenses, even under intense illumination.
  — The Arsenal 

The Anti-Flash Goggles II is a set of glasses which was released in the (??) patch. It is available at the Rental shop and the regular Shop for 1 day Rental or Permanent durations. It can be equipped by any character except Operatives and Assassins.


The Anti-Flash Goggles is a Face item that offers 100% protection against the effects of the XM84 flash grenade, while also granting a +5% Stamina boost. It is the successor to the Anti-Flash Goggles, which instead provide a +3% Speed boost.



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Anti-Flash Goggles
Orange Anti-Flash Goggles
Metal Anti-Flash Goggles
Wasteland Goggles
Anti-Flash Goggles II
NX Standard Anti-Flash Goggles
Wasteland Goggles
Set Hauser's Glasses



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