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Br De Fr
Main anti flash goggles
Anti-Flash Goggles
GP cost

1 Day - 700 GP

7 Days - 3,430 GP

30 Days - 13,650 GP

90 Days - 37,800 GP

NX cost

30 Days - 2,000 NX

90 Days - 4,900 NX

Supply Cases

Ghost Hi-Sec Case


Ico rank13 02Captain/II




Speed +3%

Flash Protection +100%

Protective eye wear that guards eyes with specially coated lenses, even under intense illumination.
  — The Arsenal 

The Anti-Flash Goggles are a set of glasses which were released in the 7-14-10. The Anti-Flash Goggles are available at the Shop and the Black Market from 1 to 90 Day durations. The Anti-Flash Goggles can be equipped by any Character except for Specialists.


The Anti-Flash Goggles is a Face item that offers 100% protection against the effects of the XM84 flash grenade, while also granting a +3% speed boost. When equipped, the player will not experience the effects of a flash grenade.



GP Standard Goggles
Anti-Flash Goggles
Orange Anti-Flash Goggles
Metal Anti-Flash Goggles
Wasteland Goggles
NX Standard Anti-Flash Goggles
Wasteland Goggles
Set Hauser's Glasses


  • The Anti-Flash Goggles are the only purchasable item to offer full immunity to anything (in this case, flashes). Only the Infected share this ability.
  • This is one of the first gear items to offer flash protection, the other being the Goggles (and its variants) which have been modified to also have some flash protection.
    • It was once also the only facial item to provide a speed boost, until the retool of the Patriot Skull Masks.
  • Though they are called "Goggles", they seem to be nothing more than a simple pair of sunglasses.
  • During the weekend of 9/17/10 to 9/19/10, if you played 5 matches of Search and Destroy, you would have gotten Anti-Flash Goggles for free for 1 day.
  • Even though the Anti-Flash Goggles give a 100% flash grenade protection boost, it fails to block the red outlining of the screen when the grenade actually explodes, which may be a distraction to some players.
  • The Anti-Flash Goggles are basically the only GP item that is the closest (if not greater) in balance in comparison to NX items of its class. (Eg. Prankster Bandana)
  • There is a variant of Anti-Flash Goggles in the shop called "Anti-Flash Goggles II", which offers 100% flash protection and a 5% sprint stamina bonus.


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