A silver-plated version of the powerful Anaconda magnum with an elegant design.
  — The Arsenal 


The Anaconda Silver is a high-powered revolver only available in the Black Market. It has extreme recoil, a poor rate of fire, and a slow reload time. It compensates for its weaknesses through its high-damage .44 magnum rounds, high accuracy, and high portability.

Compared to the Anaconda Black, the Anaconda Silver appears to be a mere visual upgrade to distinguish players from others, with a polished silver barrel as opposed to a black one. However unlike its GP counterpart it features a faster draw time and a significantly faster reload time.




  • The barrel of the pistol reads "COLT ANACONDA"


  • The drawing animation of the Anaconda Silver.
  • The firing animation of the Anaconda Silver.
  • The reloading animation of the Anaconda Silver.
  • The sprinting animation of the Anaconda Silver.

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