This All-American design of the world-famous Desert Eagle sports an even more powerful bang, a perfect accompaniment to the Stars and Stripes adorning this iconic hand-cannon. It is sold exclusively between July 2nd, 2010 and July 5th 2010.
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The American Eagle is a special limited edition cosmetic variant of the Desert Eagle SE, specifically made for the July 4th celebration. The gun features an American theme; it is adorned with stars and stripes. This variant is only available between July 2, 2010 and July 5, 2010. This gun is on par with the Desert Eagle SE.

This limited edition weapon was once again on sale for the October 2010 Pistol Month sale on 10/13/2010, at the price of 9,900 NX for 90 days.

This limited edition weapon was once again on sale, celebrating Canada Day and Fourth of July on 07/01/2013, at the price of 9,900 NX for permanent.



  • During 9/3/10 to 9/6/10, if you played 30 matches of Capture the Flag, you could get a 1 day American Eagle.
  • This gun was on sale from 10/13/2010 until the next patch for 9,900 NX for 90 days.
  • It was available for permanent duration in the Uncle Sam Perm Pack which was sold on July 3rd through July 8th, 2012.
  • This is the second Desert Eagle variant to have a "self-loading" animation; the first being the Desert Eagle SE.
  • On 07/01/2013, the selling price of the pistol for 7 days was 99,999 NX.
  • The American Eagle was sold at a 20% discount during the President's Day (2014) event.


  • The American Eagle features the number "76" written in white on the back of the gun. This is an obvious reference to the year 1776, the year the US declared its independence from Great Britain.
  • As with all the Desert Eagle variants, the side of the gun will say "Desert Eagle .50 AE Military Industries".
  • Because the American Eagle is constantly being made available again (albeit without the option of purchasing it permanently), those who bought it permanently are questioning its "Limited Edition" status.
  • The draw animation is similar to the Desert Eagle SE. However, it is flipped out at an angle as opposed to the Desert Eagle SE which is flipped vertically.
  • The slide has the words "Desert Eagle .50AE Pistol Military Industries LTD (M.I)" engraved on it
  • This pistol shares the same draw, reloading and sprinting animations to the Walther P38.


  • The drawing animation of the American Eagle.
  • The firing animation of the American Eagle.
  • The reloading animation of the American Eagle.
  • The sprinting animation of the American Eagle.

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