Alex Carver.

Alex Carver is the leader of the Scorpion Arms Manufacturing company. He fought against Monica Ruiz of the Spiders Guerilla Group during the first Spiders vs. Scorpions event, whom he believes stole weapons from his company to fund her own terrorist efforts.


Not content behind a desk, Alex joined a mercenary group from a very young age. There he met Monica, whom he brought back to help him run his arms business. She helped him expand the company and root out corruption...until investigators turned up evidence that Monica was stealing weapons. He confronted her, and their argument ended in a shootout. Alex now fights to bring Monica and her terrorists to justice.

First Spiders Vs. Scorpions Ending

After a fierce standoff, Monica was able to overpower Alex and stab him, leaving him for dead.

However. a dramatic finger twitch reveals that he is still alive.


  • He used, ironically, a Skorpion in the official trailer. Alex also pulled a Beretta 92FS on Monica, who did likewise.
  • In another promotional poster, he is seen holding and firing a Glock 17.



Another promotional image.


Yet another promotional image.

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