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The Advanced Terrain Backpack (3 Slot) is soon to be released.


The Advanced Terrain Backpack (3 Slot) seems to be more useful to users compare to the utility backpack and the original Terrain Backpack (3 Slot). That's because it gives no speed penalty, making the user faster. It also gives the same amount of backpack slots as the utility backpack.The disadvantage is that this the Advanced terrain is a gold star item, which cannot be purchased in the shop.



NX Standard
Terrain Backpack (2 Slot)
Terrain Backpack (3 Slot)
Advanced Terrain Backpack(2 Slot)
NX Rare
Advanced Terrain Backpack(3 Slot)
Most American Terrain Backpack Extension
Canada Terrain Backpack Extension
Global Terrain Backpack Extension





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