A larger backpack that allows you to carry two additional weapon or equipment items into battle. Its weight incurs a slight movement penalty.
  — The Arsenal 

The Advanced Backpack is a backpack that is sold in the Shop.


This backpack differs from the default backpack (the Standard Backpack) because instead of holding just one extra weapon, it allows users to hold up to two extra weapons, although users' speed will be lowered due to the backpack's weight. Cosmetic Variants include the Coffin Backpack and the NX-paid Tactical Backpack

People soon started buying these backpacks to fill the slots with Power Weapons and destroy the opposing team. Because of that, a patch made these items restricted until the player reached the Sergeant First Class II rank. For presumably the same reason, Nexon further increased the rank restriction by 5 ranks to Master Sergeant IV - the same as the PSG-1.

Because of the arrival of the Utility Backpack, this backpack had a new lower rank restriction of Sergeant.



GP Standard
Advanced Backpack
Tactical Backpack
Utility Backpack
Clan Backpack
NX Standard
Utility Backpack
Elite 1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Elite 2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Soccer Ball Backpack
Turkey Backpack
Coffin Backpack
Xmas Backpack
First Anniversary Backpack
1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
2nd Anniversary Backpack
2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Backpack
Elite 3rd Anniversary Backpack
Fourth Anniversary Backpack
Elite 4th Anniversary Backpack
5th Anniversary Backpack
Elite 5th Anniversary Backpack


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