The Advanced Armor is the exclusive vest of the Super Spy.


The Super Spy automatically receives the Advanced Armor after obtaining all 5 Intel Cases in Spy Hunt.

It offers considerable improvements over the standard Spy Vest, with 500 AP and incredibly high resistance to most types of weaponry. It also provides the fastest speed-boost in the game, as well as major headshot protection.

It does not, however, protect the wearer from falling damage, flashbangs, self-inflicted collateral damage, and nexownage.



The Advanced Armor is nearly identical to the Spy Vest, with the exception of a bright-red sheen. The wearer now has reddish tint to their eyes, and now carry the rest of the intels on their back instead of just one.


The most significant feature of the Advanced Armor is its ability to absorb most incendiary/explosive damage. As long as the wearer has AP to spare, these types of weapons will not affect their HP directly at all.Also, this vest greatly reduces the damage from melee attacks and toxic gas.

Secondly, the Advanced Armor provides an immunity to headshots. The wearer will take the same damage to the head as if they were shot in the torso.


On the other hand, the Advanced Armor is extremely susceptible to melee attacks. While this is a weakness that can be exploited quite well, it is also not recommended due to its difficulty.

Secondly, once the wearer's AP runs out, they are once again susceptible to all forms of weaponry. 


  • The 3-25-09 Patch gave the Adv. Armor better resistance to melee attacks.
  • As of February 2010, the Adv. Armor is more susceptible to explosives such as mines.
  • The hidden statistics update on February 20, 2014 made the Adv. Armor user extremely resistant to headshots, more than Tier 1 Infected.


  • The Advanced Armor is universally considered to be the fastest and strongest vest in the game. 
  • The Advanced Armor is the only known vest to utilize AP to its fullest.
  • It is unknown if the wearer is vulnerable to Nut Shots (since they are always male).

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