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It’s time to show the world what you’re made of, with the first stage of the Combat Arms In-game Achievements! Starting January 19th, you’ll be able to complete tons of missions, and earn medals that your friends and enemies can admire. Find your achievements, as well as those of your fellow soldiers, in your Player Profile Tab.

Consider yourself a Fireteam pro? Why not prove it, by collecting all of the Fireteam Maniac medals?

Known for your headshot prowess? Show us what level of Head Hunter you are…a Skull Popper, Brain Surgeon, or best of all, Cranium Collector!

You can even be the best All-Round Soldier, the highest honor! You’ll be rigorously tested on all aspects of your training, but allied forces will be vying for your attention once you’ve got that medal.

You can find out about all available missions and medals in the achievement guide, even some hidden gems!

Plus, get some exclusive rewards, including GP and the Anaconda Gold, by collecting medals in the Battle of the Best Achievement Event.

We will soon be announcing upgrades and improvements that will offer more rewards, more Missions and Medals, and better ways to show off your Achievements...

...Now get cracking and collect those medals!
  — Combat Arms Command 

Combat Arms Achievement banner

Combat Arms Achievements were implemented on 1/19/11. When implemented, everyone started with a clean slate.

Here is a list of all known achievements.

Example of the new achievement system

Notice the Medals section.


  • The Achievement System was a long awaited interactive system by the Combat Arms Community.
  • Many people had noticed that there was an "Achievements" tab several weeks before the system itself was implemented into the game, so a lot of people had already predicted this system. At that time the Achievements tab could not be clicked.
  • The Medals in the Medal Case do NOT count towards the Achievements.
  • You can click on the achievement section to go back to your clan tab.
  • The Achievement System was removed from Combat Arms Europe/North America on September 21st, 2016.[1]


  1. Combat Arms Europe/North America Official Webpage

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