A modification of the AUG A3 tailored for usage in special operations. Although it features only a few minor differences from the existing model, it has been modified to enhance stability when firing.
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The AUG A3 SE is the NX Rare variant of the AUG A3.


Although underused because of rarity, the AUG A3 SE is a powerful gun. It has a strong 3-shot kill capability in close ranges, which, along with burst mode, makes it an ammo-efficient weapon It is heavy for an assault rifle, and has a high Rate of Fire for its Damage rating. The recoil is easily manageable; a player can put on a scope of their own choosing since it lacks the gray AUG A1   sniper-level magnification scope,.

This weapon can be currently found in the Supply Crate MYST-N.



  • Stat-wise, the AUG A3 SE compared to the regular A3 on the Combat Arms EU website reveals both weapons to be identical, making the SE version a Cosmetic Variant. However on Combat Arms North America, it shows that the AUG A3 SE is a little bit stronger than the regular AUG A3.
  • On the side of this gun, there is a company logo and description. It reads "Steyr Mannlicher AUG A3 Armee-Universal-Gewehr." It is currently unknown whether the regular AUG A3 has this watermark on it.
  • The AUG A3 SE was given for a 30-day duration to all players who obtained 25 numbers in the 2012 5-Shot Returns event.


  • The drawing animation of the AUG A3 SE.
  • The firing animation of the AUG A3 SE.
  • The reloading animation of the AUG A3 SE.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the AUG A3 SE.
  • The sprinting animation of the AUG A3 SE.