The black model of AUG A1 which presents only a few minor differences from the existing model. It has been modified to enhance stability and power when firing.
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The AUG A1 Black is the GP Rare variant of the AUG A1.


The AUG A1 Black has more stability than its standard counterpart with less recoil, more accuracy, and higher damage. The improved damage rating allows for a 3 shot kill in CQB and 4 in longer ranges, which makes the AUG A1 Black have the highest damage per second, with the SCAR-L following. Like the regular AUG A1, this Assault Rifle allows a suppressor and magazine modification, as well as retaining the AUG A1's Burst Mode.

Being one of the few GP weapons with an attached scope, the AUG A1 Black has an advantage at mid to long range over most guns in its class. In comparison to the more popular G36E , the AUG A1 Black has a similar recoil to its GP version, which is a upward right diagonal recoil which can be quite easily controlled like the G36E's recoil using a slightly faster tap firing technique. Comparing the two even further, the AUG-1 Black has an advantage in CQC situations due to its faster fire rate, but lacks the pinpoint accuracy of the G36E at longer ranges. The AUG-A1 Black also has the same portability as the AK-47, tied for the second heaviest Assault Rifle in the game.



  • The LE version was on sale for a permanent duration from 8/12/11-8/17/11 for 19,920 NX. This marks the first time that a GP Rare weapon has been sold for a permanent duration with the use of NX.


  • The drawing animation of the AUG A1 Black.
  • The firing animation of the AUG A1 Black.
  • The burst firing animation of the AUG A1 Black.
  • The scoping animation of the AUG A1 Black.
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