A bolt-action SR that uses .338 Lapua Magnum. It has a double phase zoom, which allows for a more accurate shot at greater distances. Camouflage suited for a desert environment has been added to the ASW388LM.
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The ASW338LM Desert Camo is a cosmetic variant of the ASW338LM with two less points in Weight.


The ASW338LM Desert Camo is a lightweight sniper rifle which provides two levels of magnification akin to the M107CQ series. It features an integrated suppressor which hides the muzzle flash and a silent weapon drawing animation. Another key feature of this firearm is a default magazine capacity of 15 rounds, the highest for any kind of OHK rifle, and with a total of 45 rounds, the ASW338LM and its variants also have the highest ammo count of any non-CORE sniper rifle in the game, the Hexagon MSR CORE+ and the Red Camo L115A3 Ghillie CORE being the only rifles to top it at the first general place with 48 total rounds each; It is also worth note that its sway is very low, making pin-point shooting a relatively easy task.

This weapon, however, suffers from a below average draw speed as well as a slow spread recovery, rendering most quickscoping tactics less than effective, and thus CQC situations, if not avoided, should be handled with extra caution.

A digital desert camouflage was applied to it.



ASW338LM Woodland Camo
ASW338LM Desert Camo


Silver III
Gold I
ASW338LM Woodland Camo
ASW338LM Desert Camo



  • The ASW338LM uses .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.
  • The ASW338LM and its variants are the only weapons that combine suppressed fire and double zoom features. Other rifles with double zoom such as the M107CQ family and the TRG-SE have muzzle brakes and therefore won't accept any kind of muzzle attachments.


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