A bolt-action SR that uses .338 Lapua Magnum. It has a double phase zoom, which allows for a more accurate shot at greater distances.
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The ASW338LM is a new Sniper Rifle released upon the launch of Combat Arms: Reloaded on the 21st June 2017. It is the first weapon released since the major overhaul of Combat Arms. It is purchasable via both NX and GP.


The ASW338LM is an average weight sniper rifle which provides two levels of magnification akin to the M107CQ series. It features an integrated suppressor which hides the muzzle flash and a silent weapon drawing animation. Another key feature of this firearm is a default magazine capacity of 15 rounds, the highest for any kind of OHK rifle, and with a total of 45 rounds, the ASW338LM and its variants also have the highest ammo count of any non-CORE OHK sniper rifle in the, the Hexagon MSR CORE+ and the Red Camo L115A3 Ghillie CORE being the only rifles to top it at the first general place with 48 total rounds each; It is also worth note that its sway is very low, making pin-point shooting a relatively easy task.

This weapon, however, suffers from a below average draw speed as well as a slow spread recovery, rendering most quickscoping tactics less than effective, and thus CQC situations, if not avoided, should be handled with extra caution.




  • The ASW338LM uses .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.
  • The ASW338LM and its variants are the only weapons that combine suppressed fire and double zoom features. Other rifles with double zoom such as the M107CQ family and the TRG-SE have muzzle brakes and therefore won't accept any kind of muzzle attachments.