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Br De Fr
Main AN-94
NX cost

1 Day - 900 NX

7 Days - 3,400 NX

30 Days - 6,500 NX

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent - 24,900 NX




Below Average


2-Round Burst Fire

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire70
Firing modes


Burst Fire






Iron Sight

Developed to replace the AK-74, the AN-94 is currently used exclusively by Special Forces. Its two-round burst fire system makes it particularly lethal at long range.
  — Item Description 

The AN-94 is an NX-Standard Assault Rifle that was officially released with the 4-14-10 Supply Drop, along with the Wasteland Goggles.


This weapon features a unique double burst mode. After an unknown patch, the AN-94 was nerfed, becoming weaker than the AK-47 by a small margin. However, the stats were not changed.

Accuracy is the pride of this weapon. At 92, the second highest for Assault Rifles, only shared by two other weapons, this rifle is more accurate than most members of the L96A1 and L115A2 family, both Sniper Rifles. Its high damage couples well with the outstanding accuracy, now overshadowed by Zharkov's AN-94, its epic variant.

The AN-94 features an extremely speedy reload time, as the reload animation does not include the cocking of the gun. Portability is a major downfall, however. At 55, the second lowest of its category, slows down a player as much as an AK-47 or L85A1 would.

This gun has no GP variant, which limits its popularity.



NX Standard AN-94
Epic Zharkov's AN-94
Forged/MARK II AN-94 TactOP(AN-94)
Cousin AK-47
Black Dragon AK-47
AK-47 Gold-Plated
Visionary AK-47 Gold-Plated
First Green AK-47
BGL's AK-47
Valentine's AK-47
AK-103 Gold-Plated
AK-74U Gold-Plated
AK-74M Gold-Plated
Loaded (ACE) AK-74M
Russian AK-74M
AK-74M Knight Mono
AK-74M Knight Wooden
AK-74M Knight Tan
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Professional
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Veteran
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Elite
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Champion



  • The double round burst firing mode of the double barreled weapons and the AN-94 have the same name, but they function completely different; double barreled guns fire two rounds at the same time, whereas the AN-94 fires one after the other, from the same barrel.
  • The AN-94 is one of the few to have the simple reload of pulling out the weapon's empty magazine and inserting a new one, without cocking the weapon. The other guns having this reload are the M417 family, M6A2, M6A2 SRT, ACR family, MG36, and the M-200.
  • Although the AN-94 user simply pulls out the weapon's old magazine and puts in a new one, there is an extra sound while inserting the new magazine. This is due to how a Kalashnikov style rifle reloads, which is different from a NATO rifle.
  • The AN-94 is one of the two weapons in Combat Arms with a 2 round burst fire mode. Zharkov's AN-94 is the second one to posess it. AN-94 TactOP, the forgeable variant of the AN-94 loses this ability during the forging process.
  • The AN-94 possesses near-pinpoint accuracy when the player is crouching or standing still.


  • The draw animation of the AN-94.
  • The firing animation of the AN-94.
  • The reload animation of the AN-94.
  • The sprint animation of the AN-94.

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