A uniquely flashy model of the AK-103, this custom gun has been retooled for reduced recoil.
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The AK-103 Gold-Plated is a gilded version of the powerful AK-103, augmented to increase its capabilities even further.

It features a burst mode which drastically shrinks the reticule size with each volley.

Coupled with its power, the AK-103 Gold-Plated promotes powerful, accurate long-range shots across any map.



  • It was sold at St. Patrick's Day Pot Of Gold Event 2011 with other "Gold" weapons.
  • The AK-103 Gold-Plated was one of the rewards given out during the Spiders vs. Scorpions Event (2012). The top 10 players with the highest EXP on each team received it for permanent duration.
  • This weapon was featured during the One Day Sale, on October 12th 2012. It could be directly purchased from the Black Market for 15 days, at a price of 3,900 NX.
  • This weapon was distributed twice for free during St. Patrick's Day (2013), for 30 day durations each.
  • The AK-103 Gold-Plated was given for 1 day duration to players who logged in during the The Winter Games (2014) event on February 8, 2014, from 12:00 PM through 11:59 PM PST.



  • The draw animation of the AK-103 Gold-Plated.
  • The burst-mode fire animation of the AK-103 Gold-Plated.
  • The fire animation of the AK-103 Gold-Plated.
  • The reload animation of the AK-103 Gold-Plated.
  • The sprint animation of the AK-103 Gold-Plated.

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