A modernized variant of the AK assault rifle. Features a foregrip which reduces the AK's hefty recoil.
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The AK-103 was previously the GP Rare variant of the AK-47, and is obtainable for rental at the Emporium. Players were once able to purchase it directly from the Combat Arms shop after reaching Lieutenant Colonel/III. The AK-103 is very similar to the AK-47. However, it is colored black, and has a vertical foregrip that reduces Recoil by 2 points over the AK-47, making the gun very accurate at long ranges. Reload speed is also improved slightly, and has a three-shot burst-firing mode, which can kill an enemy in a single burst, assuming all shots hit (which they often do). Using burst-fire mode is very highly recommended because it can save ammo. Beyond that, however, the gun differs very little from AK-47. Like the AK-47, it is a three-hit kill, and is extraordinarily accurate. This gun is arguably the most effective gun for burst-fire because the spread is greatly reduced when fired from the hip and sighted in. It is recommended to attach a ACOG scope for longer distances, and using the AK-103's high Accuracy to your advantage.




  • The scope mount suffers from a graphical bug and appears to have a block attached to the rail system, with the scope texture sideways.
  • The scope mount for the Trishot Holosight is different than those for the ACOG TA1 and TA3. The Trishot mount has the same raised style as the SCAR-L or ACR.
  • The ACOG TA1 and TA3 are placed too far forward when viewed in 3rd person perspective, as it merely floats instead of being solidly attached to the provided rail system.
  • Although the AK-103 is depicted as a variant of the AK-47 in-game, in real life it is actually a derivative of the AK-74M.
  • This is actually a customized AK-47, since the actual AK-103 has an AK-74M style flash hider, something this gun lacks.


  • The drawing animation of the AK-103.
  • The firing animation of the AK-103.
  • The burst firing animation of the AK-103.
  • The reloading animation of the AK-103.
  • The sprinting animation of the AK-103.


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