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Br De Fr
AK-103 High Resolution
GP cost

1 Day - 1,200 GP

7 Days - 5,880 GP

30 Days - 23,400 GP

90 Days - 64,800 GP

Supply Crate MYST-G - 4,000 GP


NA - Ico rank15 03Lieutenant Colonel/III

EU - Ico rank15 01Lieutenant Colonel/I


Low due to rarity and rank

Features Pre-attached Foregrip

Muzzle Brake

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire68
Firing modes


Burst Fire






Iron Sight

A modernized variant of the AK assault rifle. Features a foregrip which reduces the AK's hefty recoil.
  — The Arsenal 


The AK-103 was previously the GP Rare variant of the AK-47, and is obtainable for rental at the Emporium. Players were once able to purchase it directly from the Combat Arms shop after reaching Lieutenant Colonel/III. The AK-103 is very similar to the AK-47. However, it is colored black, and has a vertical foregrip that reduces Recoil by 2 points over the AK-47, making the gun very accurate at long ranges. Reload speed is also improved slightly, and has a three-shot burst-firing mode, which can kill an enemy in a single burst, assuming all shots hit (which they often do). Using burst-fire mode is very highly recommended because it can save ammo. Beyond that, however, the gun differs very little from AK-47. Like the AK-47, it is a three-hit kill, and is extraordinarily accurate. This gun is arguably the most effective gun for burst-fire because the spread is greatly reduced when fired from the hip and sighted in. It is recommended to attach a ACOG scope for longer distances, and using the AK-103's high Accuracy to your advantage.

The gun is a very strong 3 hit kill,consistently scoring 3 hit kills with a very small amount of damage dropoff. It's damage is reliable,as it will very often score 3 hit kills until it hits its maximum range,where the bullets will cease to hit at all.

The rate of fire is solidly below average for assault rifles. It will not fire fast enough to deal with attackers should they manage to close the gap,and spraying is punished by the weapons higher then average maximum crosshair spread,causing bullets to be inaccurate when sprayed.

The crosshairs are very tight,starting off at a near bulls-eye when standing still. however,the crosshairs will grow at a faster rate then other assault rifles,and shrink slower then most,making longer bursts harder to achieve with this assault rifle.

The recoil will cause the gun to kick up for the first 2 shots,then it will start to drift left or right diagonally,changing direction every 3 shots after the initial. This makes the weapon a strong tap-firing gun,as the 3 hit kill will help in putting down enemies at longer distance. However,this does make it harder to keep longer bursts on target,as recoil starts to become less predictable.



GP Standard AK-47
Black Dragon AK-47
GP Rare AK-103
NX Standard AK-47 Gold-Plated
First Green AK-47
NX Rare AK-103 Gold-Plated
Festive BGL's AK-47
Valentine's AK-47
Rewards Flag of the European Union AK-74U Professional
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Veteran
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Elite
Flag of the European Union AK-74U Champion
Visionary Visionary AK-47 Gold-Plated
Cousin AN-94
AN-94 TactOP
Zharkov's AN-94
AK-74U Gold-Plated
AK-74M Gold-Plated
Loaded (ACE) AK-74M
Russian AK-74M
AK-74M Knight Mono
AK-74M Knight Wooden
AK-74M Knight Tan



  • The scope mount suffers from a graphical bug and appears to have a block attached to the rail system, with the scope texture sideways.
  • The scope mount for the Trishot Holosight is different than those for the ACOG TA1 and TA3. The Trishot mount has the same raised style as the SCAR-L or ACR.
  • The ACOG TA1 and TA3 are placed too far forward when viewed in 3rd person perspective, as it merely floats instead of being solidly attached to the provided rail system.
  • Although the AK-103 is depicted as a variant of the AK-47 in-game, in real life it is actually a derivative of the AK-74M.
  • This is actually a customized AK-47, since the actual AK-103 has an AK-74M style flash hider, something this gun lacks.


  • The drawing animation of the AK-103.
  • The firing animation of the AK-103.
  • The burst firing animation of the AK-103.
  • The reloading animation of the AK-103.
  • The sprinting animation of the AK-103.


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