A visored breathing mask for hazardous environments. Reduces health damage from the inhalation of chemical flames. Does not prevent armor damage.
  — The Arsenal 

The AF-II Fire Mask is a facial item that is available to be bought in the Shop. This mask is unique; rather than giving protection from headshots, the Fire Mask reduces damage from fire weapons. These weapons, such as the M23F Incendiary and the RMS12 Flamethrower (obtained if the player is a Super Spy in Spy Hunt), would do less damage when the player is "burning". A viable strategy is to wear this mask while using the M23F Incendiary grenades to flood an enemy base with fire, then rush in and proceed to mow down the enemies that are panicked and running in disarray to avoid the fire damage, that is if the fire hasn't done them in already. This face item is available after reaching a rank in the Command Sergeant Major V class.



GP Standard
AF-II Fire Mask
FG-1 Fire Mask
NX Standard
FG-1 Fire Mask


  • This mask practically the same its NX variant, the FG-1 Fire Mask. The only difference is that the AF-II Fire mask is GP, and is available at the rank of CSM 5 or higher.
  • The mask is based on the MCU-2/P gas mask design.

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