Hailing from Russia, the AEK-971 was designed as a replacement for older AK models, but failed to secure the production contract when the AN-94 came into play. The AEK-971 was still manufactured by peacekeeping forces, and a limited number of the weapons ended up in soldiers’ hands.
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The AEK-971 is an Assault Rifle released along with the Operation:Death Row Update (16/8/2012).


This weapon is similar to the AK-74U. It improves slightly in accuracy and recoil. It is a weak 3 hit kill assault rifle with relatively high spread and recoil when fired full auto.

As with the AK-74U, tap rifing with an optic at longer ranges copes with the recoil and spread while taking advantage of the high accuracy.

In closer ranges, burst or automatic fire should be considered.



  • It was first leaked in the Death Row trailer.
  • It is called the "AEK971" in the trailer. The hyphen was added just prior to its release.


  • Drawing animation of the AEK-971
  • Firing animation of the AEK-971
  • Burst firing animation of the AEK-971
  • Reloading animation of the AEK-971
  • Sprinting animation of the AEK-971