A telescopic sight that facilitates quick aiming. This model displays an electronic ammo and health indicator by the reticle.
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The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) TA3 Scope is a commonly used Scope. It displays two cyan, curved bars with one to the left of the Crosshair and one to the right. The player's remaining HP is displayed in the left bar and the ammunition remaining in their current Magazine in the bar on the right.

The TA3 is found to be most commonly attached to Submachine Guns. Its sister sight is the more popular, ACOG TA1 Scope. Though a little different from the TA1, it has the same magnification and cost.


  • When scoped in, the bullet actually hits slightly below the TA3's circular aimpoint, so players should aim slightly higher than their target to hit it. However, the circular bars are positioned around the real aimpoint (where the bullet actually goes) and so can be used for a more precise shooting than the TA1 scope.
  • The TA3 appears to be based on the real-life Aimpoint M3, which has no magnification. Image enhancement reveals that the scope actually was made by Aimpoint, as their name is printed on the side of the scope (most noticeable when reloading or sprinting).


  • The scoped in animation of the ACOG TA3 Scope.

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