A telescopic sight that facilitates quick aiming for medium distance targets.
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The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) TA1 Scope is a Scope available for purchase at the Shop. It displays range in meters from the user to wherever the reticle is pointing. Optimum ranges (where bullets can actually reach the target) are displayed in yellow numbers, and farther ranges (where the bullets don't reach their target) are shown in red numbers, and infinite distances are not shown at all. This type of sight is most commonly seen on Assault Rifles such as the M4A1, AK-47, M14, SCAR-L, and K2. Its sister sight is the less popular ACOG TA3 Scope. Though a little different from the TA1, it has the same magnification and cost.


  • The ACOG TA1 appears to be based on the real-life Trijicon TA44R-5, which has a 1.5x magnification, and a red dot reticle with a black vertical line underneath. All Trijicon scopes sold to the American Government for use by the Army were previously engraved with references to The Bible.
  • Bullets actually hit at about the bottom of the circular aimpoint of the scope, so make sure to aim a little higher at long ranges.
  • The ACOG TA1 is very useful at testing weapons. Without it, we may not have known such information such as how close an enemy has to be for the M93 Hornet to detonate.
  • The scope probably uses an integrated laser range finder to find the ranges.
  • Although it can not be seen from a third person view, the ACOG TA1 is equipped with a killflash (to hide the glint of the scope), noticeable by the blurred honeycomb pattern visible when looking through the scope.
  • The maximum range distance that the scope shows is 250.0


  • The scoped in animation of the ACOG TA1 Scope.