The 9-30-09 Patch is a monthly patch has debuted many new items in Combat Arms. This includes many variants of the AK-47, boxes dropped in-game, gear, and items belonging to the Specialist Items category.

This patch have also introduced players that Nexon would soon become, merging the gaming site with a FaceBook-style community and profiles to make it more welcoming to groups of friends who play Nexon-published games.

List of Patch Releases

Map Changes

New Game Modes

New Items (In-Game)

New NX Items

New GP Items

Fixes and Other Changes

  • Arms and Kill Cam settings enabled for clan matches
  • New Clan Emblem
  • Elite Moderator color rating changes correctly when receiving positive or negative votes.
  • Heartbeat Detector and Sensor can be equipped with the Patriot Cap (USA) and 1st Year Anniversary Backpack.
  • R870 MCS and variants have Audio SFX for pumping and reloading.
  • M92FS and variants muzzle appear correctly when suppressors are attached.
  • P226 / Silver muzzle appears correctly when suppressors are attached.
  • AK-103 Gold textures added to underside of the weapon.
  • One Man Army spawn points are now randomized.
  • GP and EXP Bonus Passes can now be deactivated / reactivated, allowing multiple passes to be stored without overwriting your previous pass or losing remaining usage.
  • Custom Reticles can now be deactivated / reactivated, allowing multiple reticle changes to be held in storage and used at your preference.
  • Animations improved for certain types of death.
  • Fireteam: Players can start/join at any time during the 5-second countdown.
  • Map issues fixed in Two Towers
  • Map Issues fixed in Warhead
  • Shipping containers on Warhead can no longer be climbed to abuse Alpha Spawn.
  • Map issues fixed in Cold Seed
  • Quarantine / Two Towers: Bug that allows Infection to "bounce" off water fixed.
  • Shop: M134 Mini-Gun firing rate displays the correct amount.
  • Lobby: Quarantine ambient audio no longer plays when exiting games.
  • In-Game: When killed in a Clan Game with Kill-Cam Off, the Damage Indicator displays correctly.
  • In-Game: Hair for Default Female Merc has been fixed to appear correctly (occurred after recent visual polish update to all Mercs face and hair).

Quarantine Changes

  • Quarantine: Fire damage and explosives including the Claymore, Frag grenades and M16A1 AP mines do more damage against Infected.
  • Quarantine: Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, and Sub-Machine Guns do more damage against Infected.
  • Quarantine: Humans must survive the entire round to receive victory mission points.
  • Quarantine / Showdown: Ledge near Bravo can't be accessed to avoid Infection.
  • Quarantine / Two Towers: Rooftop peaks can't be accessed to avoid Infection.

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