Contract Killer

Operation: Contract Killer is Underway!

Make sure those weapons are clean, because Daily Jobs are back, and NPCs need you to do their dirty work for them! Being a contract killer does have its benefits. Cosmetic Items have also arrived to change the appearance of your favorite gear. You no longer have to choose between looks and stats – now you can have both!

If your arsenal is looking a little sparse, check out the reliable QBZ-95 Assault Rifle, the beefed-up Mac-10 SE Submachine Gun, and the Forgeable MP40. See everything Operation: Contract Killer has to offer below!
  — Combat Arms Command 
Operation: Contract Killer was leaked to last approximately 8 hours. The patch started and ended at the following times:
  • Pacific: 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Eastern: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sydney: 11 PM (19th September)- 7 AM (20th September)

Patch Additions

Type Name
Assault Rifle
Submachine Guns

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Spawn points and goals are no longer corrupted when playing Seize and Secure on Kill Creek.
  • Fireteam matches now block intended grenades (Smoke\Flash) and allow useful grenades (Gas\Incendiary).
  • Goal setting for rooms no longer resets to default if the map is changed.
  • The map Vertigo has been modified to address performance concerns.
  • The map Dark Forest has been modified to address performance concerns.
  • The map Oil Rig (in Quarantine Regen only) has been modified to address performance concerns.
  • Corrected text issue for map\mode information when loading into One Man Army on Showdown.
  • Corrected alignment of suppressors attached to G18 pistol.
  • Removed unintended gap of time at beginning of Magpul FMG-9's reload sequence.
  • Magpul FMG-9 damage stat has been reduced to match in-game performance. The actual damage of the Magpul FMG-9 has not changed.
  • HP now changes to red 'alert' status at 30 HP instead of 3 HP while piloting a robot in NEMEXIS Labs.

Balance Changes

  • Corrected Galil ACE damage in-game not being high enough to match damage stat in shop.

Other Game Changes

  • Quick Start reduced to only vital search functions for better odds of successfull matches.
  • Squirt Gun no longer Forgable; use Roulette to turn Battery FH materials into Battery Pallets and forge the Alien Gun!
  • MYST-G Updated to include the new Mac-10 SE.
  • Melee attacks will now play pain sound FX when an attack strikes another player
  • East Coast has been removed from the Region list.
  • Mine planting is now faster
  • The player Infected's HUD now shows their HP in a white color instead of red (Quarantine Regen).
  • Vote Kicking now has no time restrictions.


  • Unlike the previous patch, this one was not extended, and ended earlier than usual.
  • New guns now have statistics and other related information on the content update notes.