The 8-26-09 Patch, although it was released in August, felt more like the September Content Patch since it was released so closely in September. It added a few more maps on Quarantine and new weapons.

New NX Items

New GP Items

Map Changes

New Maps For Search and Destroy

New Maps For Quarantine

Fireteam Mode Changes

  • Fireteam mode's Normal difficulty has been changed to be easier to finish.
  • Hard Mode difficulty has been changed to be the old Normal mode's difficulty, making it slightly easier than before.


Bug Fixes

  • Map boundary “glitches” patched on: Desert Thunder, Overdose, Two Towers, Junk Flea, Showdown, Power Surge, Warhead, Cold Seed, Gray Hammer, and Sand Hog.
  • Stamina bars will no longer be refilled whenever a human becomes Infected.
  • Mines can be safely planted without taking environmental damage from the poison gas on Overdose

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