The 07-28-09 Patch was a patch that that introduced the game mode Quarantine to Combat Arms  Other content included new variants of weapons, and limited time NX items.

New Game Mode

(click the game mode for more information)

New Map

  • Operation: Overdose, made for Quarantine

(click the map for more information)

New NX Items (Limited Time)

New NX Items

New GP Items

Other Game Changes & Updates

New Weapon Restrictions

New Game Modes For Maps

Fixes (Items)

Minor Changes


  • Satellite Scanner has been balanced to alert the opposing team that it has been activated, and does not recharge after respawn.
  • Nutshot has been changed so that it is no longer a one hit kill. You now obtain a Nutshot when your killing shot hits a male character in the nuts.
  • HDS-4 Reflex Sight aiming bonus has been increased to 5%.

Fixes (Bugs)

  • Curse Filter fixed in the lobby.
  • The Left and Right arrow keys can now be assigned to the game controls.
  • GM Impersonation and Red Text issue in the Server Lobby has been fully addressed.
  • Vote Kick – UI no longer remains active and blocks the screen.
  • In-Game: Areas where vulnerable to clipping or glitching through walls or assets in Warhead, Gray Hammer, and Rattlesnake have been fixed
  • Power Surge – Restricted area on top of a warehouse at Bravo Spawn can no longer be accessed.
  • Rattlesnake – You can no longer climb on top of the warehouse and hide in restricted areas of the battlefield.
  • Modifications on the L96A1, K1A and M14 should now appear correctly for Scorpion.
  • Total clan EXP needed to rank up is now displayed in the clan tab (as opposed to the remaining amount needed).

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