The 23rd of July 2008, marked the first patch for Combat Arms since its initial release. It had major additions to the GP shop, and a list of glitches and bugs, which were corrected.

New Shop Items


  • Known map glitches in Cold Seed, Snow Valley and Junk Flea have been fixed.
    G23 SE

    G23 SE

  • The AUG A1 purchase glitch was fixed.
  • Gas Grenades only affect HP and bypass armor.
  • iTech Reflex Sight has been balanced.
  • Clan Capture the Flag scoring fixed: Team with the most flag captures after time runs out wins the match.
  • Certain gear names and descriptions have been changed for clarity.
  • Messenger Features: The Remove Friend function was fixed in the Messenger. Messenger window closes if the user clicks outside of window for ease of use.

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