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5th Anniversary Recommendation Sale Banner

Attention Soldiers,
If 5 minutes on the battlefield feels like an hour, 5 years must feel like an eternity! Combat Arms has been going strong for 5 years, and as part of the celebration, we’re speeding up time with the 300% Bonus EXP Pass sale and featuring 2 new packages full of powerful weapons! Get your hands on some steep discounts from now through July 31st.
 Combat Arms Command 

The 5th Anniversary Recommendation Sale was a sale that ran from July 25th to July 31st, 2013. During the sale, two new NX Packages were on sale for 54,990 NX, as well as discounts on 300% Bonus EXP Pass.

Desperado Package

54,990 NX (109,500 NX Value)

Desperado Package Main 250px
DSR-1 Subsonic
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1
G18 Cobra
G18 Cobra
People's Choice Package

54,990 NX (109,500 NX Value)

People's Choice Package Main 170px
M416 CQB
L96A1 Arctic Wolf
MZP-1 render
Bushmaster type97
Bushmaster Type 97
Dual Skorpions
Bonus EXP Pass (300%)
EXP 300% Passes Icon 10 Passes - 1,200 NX
30 Passes - 3,100 NX
50 Passes - 4,600 NX
100 Passes - 7,800 NX