This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

It's Combat Arms' 5th anniversary, and we’re celebrating 5 years of service with an enormous sale from now through July 24th! Get 10-30% off MYST Crates, Supply Cases, HiSec Keys, and many more premium items so you can bring your A game to the celebration and take your enemies by storm.
 Combat Arms Command 

The 5th Anniversary Premium Sale was a sale that ran from July 18th through July 24th, 2013. As part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration, selected NX and GP function items were back on sale with varying discounts.

Mega MYST Crate High Resolution
20% off Mega MYST Crate

1x Mega MYST Crate: 2,400 NX
7x Mega MYST Crate: 16,800 NX
15x Mega MYST Crate: 36,000 NX

Supply Crate MYST-Epic High Resolution
10% off MYST-Epic

1x MYST-Epic: 8,910 NX
7x MYST-Epic: 57,960 NX
15x MYST-Epic: 108,000 NX

Demonic Weapon Renewal Kit
Demonic Renewal Kit (30/50 Bundles 20% off)

1x Demonic Renewal Kit: 1,990 NX
7x Demonic Renewal Kit: 12,950 NX
15x Demonic Renewal Kit: 23,880 NX
20% off 30x Demonic Renewal Kit: 31,044 NX
20% off 50x Demonic Renewal Kit: 39,800 NX

MYST-Infinity High Resolution

1x MYST-Infinity: 17,010 NX
7x MYST-Infinity: 110,565 NX
15x MYST-Infinity: 204,120 NX

Super Weapon Renewal Kit High Resolution
Super Weapon Renewal Kit (30/50 Bundles 20% off)
1x Super Weapon Renewal Kit: 1,800 NX
7x Super Weapon Renewal Kit: 11,700 NX
15x Super Weapon Renewal Kit: 21,600 NX
20% off 30x Super Weapon Renewal Kit: 28,080 NX
20% off 50x Super Weapon Renewal Kit: 36,000 NX
Weapon Renewal Kit High Resolution
Weapon Renewal Kit (30/50 Bundles 20% off)
1x Weapon Renewal Kit: 1,500 NX
7x Weapon Renewal Kit: 9,750 NX
15x Weapon Renewal Kit: 18,000 NX
20% off 30x Weapon Renewal Kit: 23,400 NX
20% off 50x Weapon Renewal Kit: 30,000 NX
MYST-Mark II High Resolution
Buy One Get One Free MYST-Mark II
1x MYST-Mark II: 2,000 NX
7x MYST-Mark II: 13,000 NX
15x MYST-Mark II: 24,000 NX
MYST-99N High Resolution
1x MYST-99N: 99 NX
GP Extreme
20% Off Supply Case GP-Extreme
1x Supply Case GP-Extreme: 1,120 NX
7x Supply Case GP-Extreme: 7,280 NX
15x Supply Case GP-Extreme: 13,600 NX
GP Hazard
20% Off Supply Case GP-Hazard

1x Supply Case GP-Hazard: 800 NX
7x Supply Case GP-Hazard: 5,200 NX
15x Supply Case GP-Hazard: 9,600 NX

GP Supply Case LOW
20% Off Supply Case GP-Regular

1x Supply Case GP-Regular: 800 NX
7x Supply Case GP-Regular: 5,200 NX
15x Supply Case GP-Regular: 9,600 NX

Black HiSec Key High Resolution
30% Off Black HiSec Key

1x Black HiSec Key: 693 NX
7x Black HiSec Key: 4,480 NX
15x Black HiSec Key: 8,330 NX

MYST-G High Resolution
30% Off Supply Crate MYST-G

1x Supply Crate MYST-G: 2,800 GP

Gray HiSec Key High Resolution
30% Off Gray HiSec Key

1x Gray HiSec Key: 1,330 GP
7x Gray HiSec Key: 6,510 GP
15x Gray HiSec Key: 10,990 GP


  • On the official website, MYST-Infinity is spelled as "MYST-Infinty."


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