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NEMEXIS has opened up shop in a gleaming office tower. While at first glance, it appears to be an innocuous office like any other, who knows what villainous activities Nemexis is hiding. Prepare for combat on sky bridges, in server rooms and within air vents!

Crystal Tower takes place high above busy streets where you will combat enemy soldiers both inside and outside of a Nemexis office. Fighting is fast and furious within the corridors of the main office structure. If you are feeling daring you can use the rooftops to move about the map to flank your enemies and get the drop on them. Just make sure you are fast on your feet when jumping to the scaffolding on the sides of the building or you might find yourself falling a long way down to the ground below.
 Combat Arms Command 

Operation: Crystal Tower was a Content Update that was released on the 14th of April, 2014.

New Additions

Type Name
Game Mode Changes
  • Arms Race has been updated with new weapons.

Note: Check Combat Arms' patch notes for more information.


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