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Attention Soldiers!

For 4/28, you’ll be dropped directly in the middle of a raging battle, on the fields of Kill Creek! Fear not, Central Command is training you in a new mode, Bombing Run, and dropping new supplies to help you: new weapons, a new specialist item, and exclusive clan items. Good luck, courageous soldiers of Combat Arms...
  — Combat Arms Command 

New Releases

Map: Kill Creek

Game Mode: Bombing Run

Assault Rifle: ACR Sandfire, CX4 Storm. ACR

SubMachine Gun: Mei's MP7 MOD

Specialist Item: Auto Turret

Head: Clan Cap


  • The Clan Shop is now available in the Player's Clan Tab
  • The Shopping Cart is added to the Player's "My Character" Tab
  • Clan Quick Match System

Other Game Changes/Fixes

Server Changes

  • Short Fuse is now available to be played on Clearance Level 2 servers.
  • While the NX Grade required to enter Black Market has not changed, the threshold to reach Bronze Grade has increased.
  • An additional NX grade has been added between Common and Bronze, called the Copper Grade.
  • The Golf Server now has 4 channels, the Bravo Server now has 8 channels, the Black Market Server now has 5 channels, the Alpha Server now has 7 channels, and the Foxtrot Server now has 4 channels.

UI Improvments

  • Clicking on an Equipped Item in the My Character screen will highlight that item in the Inventory.
  • Items received in the Inbox as a gift now have the sender’s name in the message field.
  • Modifications now display what class of weapon (AR, SMG, etc…) they modify

Bug Fixes

  • M93 Hornet can no longer be used in No Explosives matches.
  • Mine indicators in Spy Hunt now properly update.
  • Going to the inbox while in a game room will now properly update your stats as “Outfitting”
  • The default M9 Knife now appears correctly in-game.
  • The M92FS Veteran’s Kill Log image now appears correctly.
  • The descriptions for the M9 Professional, Elite and Champion have been changed.


  • Medals have been added for Accolades in the Player Profile Medal Case.

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