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A heavy hammer suitable for breaking through walls, doors, or skulls.
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The 3 Lb. Sledge is a GP melee weapon released on 16-8-2012 (Death Row Content Update).


The 3 Lb. Sledge is a melee weapon unlocked at the rank of Second Lieutenant/V, making it the highest ranking melee weapon. It has the same damage as the Tracker Knife, and has the portability of a Tomahawk

The 3 Lb. Sledge is currently the second heaviest melee weapon in the game (the first being the Survival Machete). It is a slow weapon, but has great damage stat of 55. If aimed properly, one could easily get a kill.



3 Lb. Sledge


Bronze II
3 Lb. Sledge


GP Standard
3 Lb. Sledge


  • Assuming this weapon weighed exactly three pounds in-game, 1 pound equals 23 portability points.
  • It is the most expensive GP melee weapon in Combat Arms Brazil.
  • This is the first GP melee weapon to be offered for permanent duration.
  • The 3 Lb. Sledge was on sale for permanent duration for 40,000 GP during the Combat Arms' 6th Anniversary.


  • The drawing animation of the 3 Lb. Sledge
  • The primary attack animation of the 3 Lb. Sledge
  • The secondary attack animation of the 3 Lb. Sledge
  • The sprinting animation of the 3 Lb. Sledge

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