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Part of the classic replica series. Big, fearsome and able to unleash some serious lead the 32SW2 has been designed to give a piece of history a return to the modern battlefield. Sporting rounds with a higher-grain the 32SW2 deals greater damage with a slower rate of fire.
  — The Arsenal 


The 32SW2 is a two hit kill handgun, and has a very low spread that recovers after every shot, making this pistol extremely accurate even at long distances. The fire rate is extremely slow however, so its better used as a mid to long range weapon. This gun also has a silent and fast draw, as well as a fast reload, allowing the user to sneak behind enemies as they draw it.





Bronze III


Forged/MARK II
32SW2 (G23)


  • On Combat Arms Brazil, this weapon it's sold direct on Black Market for GP, without rank restrictions.


  • The drawing animation of the 32SW2.
  • The firing animation of the 32SW2.
  • The reloading animation of the 32SW2.
  • The sprinting animation of the 32SW2.

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