Attention Soldiers! For 3/31, the fight may take you deeper into the trenches, but don’t worry! Spring is here, and Central Command is dropping new supplies to help you: new weapons, a new specialist item, and a whole new battlefield to conquer. Good luck, courageous soldiers of Combat Arms...
 Combat Arms Command 

New Releases


New NX Items


  • Clearance Levels: Combat Arms has added Clearance Levels to each Map and Game Mode, to help users find the right map based on their rank and skill level.
  • Clan Invite System- Combat Arms has updated the Clan Invite System! It is now easier to join clans and proactively recruit clan members. Clan members can recruit their friends using a recommendation system. The invitees have the option of accepting or declining Clan Invitations, with the simple click of a button.
  • Rank Unlock Permanent Weapons and Gear- Now players can unlock a variety of upgraded versions of default gear at certain ranks. Each player now has the opportunity to unlock 20 permanent weapons and gear items, absolutely free. For more information, see Default Upgrade.


  • Explosives Month- April is Explosives Month, so for the entire month Combat Arms will celebrate with blowout Explosives-related Sales and Events.

Other Game Changes and Updates


  • Curse Filter has been adjusted to allow certain words to be said (such as Sniper, Corporal, Arsenal and Ridiculous).
  • Voice Ad Capability has been added to Vivox Voice Chat.
  • Hacking Protection Module has been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed some specific causes of lag.


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