The 3-25-09 Patch was a patch added near end of March 2009. A lot of Supply Cases were added, both for NX and GP. Around eight new weapons were added into the game, all which could only be found in the cases but only one is actually obtainable by GP cases. The Nut Shot was added as a temporaryApril Fools joke which allowed youo to kill a male player with one shot to the groin. However, there was talk that Nexon might choose to keep the Nut Shot afer a poll on the official website was taken resulted in 71% of voters who wanted it to stay, whereas only 17% want it to go. Due to this poll, the Nut Shot is officially declared a permanent part of Combat Arms. The Nut Shot was (and is) disliked by many players due to the fact that it  was almost pure luck that enemies end up shooting a Nut Shot and gave a major advantage to female characters. However months later the nut shot was changed so that it wouldn't be a one shot kill but rather would only register as a finishing kill

New NX Items

New GP Items

All the unique Cases are now removed; they are now all replaced by type-specific Cases.

Other Game Changes & Updates

  • New accounts and characters will start with a base of 2,000 GP
  • Map glitches addressed (for all maps except for Gray Hammer)
  • Shotguns are now reclassified as Primary Weapons. (Please note that if you have previously bought a shotgun, these will remain as Secondary Weapons, and you will be able to continue using them as Secondaries until they expire. However, all new shotgun purchases will be as Primary Weapons.)
  • Search & Destroy mode game changes:
    • Practice Round time has been reduced from 30 to 10 seconds
    • Time required for bomb planting and defusing has been reduced
  • Spy Hunt mode game rebalance:
    • 5 Intel Cases necessary to collect (upped from 3)
    • Super Spy is more resistant to melee attacks
    • The Super Spy's minigun damage has been slightly reduced
  • Weapon & Gear rebalances:
  • Limits for chat have been placed to reduce chat spam in lobby
  • Game Modes removed from certain maps:
    • Brushwood: CTF, OMA
    • Junk Flea: CTF


  • There had been a lot of complaints from fans about the removal of Junk Flea CTF, which was a popular mode in Combat Arms. However CTF was reinstated for Junk Flea weeks later.