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This Uniquely designed Backpack was received in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Combat Arms.
  — Item Description 


The 2nd Anniversary Backpack is a Cosmetic Variant of the Standard Backpack. If you Logged in to the game Friday 7/9 starting from 0:00am PDT (3:00am EST) you received a free permanent 2nd Anniversary Backpack.

It was given out to people who logged in at Friday 7/9 starting from 0:00am PDT (3:00am EST) as a gift for celebrating Combat Arms 2nd birthday.

It was only designed for show. It has no significant difference from the default back pack except for the design.

It only gives you one extra slot like the default backpack and thus doesn't see much in game use except for those who don't want to/can't afford a 2,3,or 4 slot backpack.



GP Standard
Advanced Backpack
Tactical Backpack
Utility Backpack
Clan Backpack
NX Standard
Utility Backpack
Elite 1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Elite 2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Soccer Ball Backpack
Turkey Backpack
Coffin Backpack
Xmas Backpack
First Anniversary Backpack
1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
2nd Anniversary Backpack
2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Backpack
Elite 3rd Anniversary Backpack
Fourth Anniversary Backpack
Elite 4th Anniversary Backpack
5th Anniversary Backpack
Elite 5th Anniversary Backpack


  • The 2nd Anniversary Backpack has blue-and-white lightning, as opposed to the First Anniversary Backpack's red-and-orange flames.
  • The lightning design on the backpack resembles a Crusher from Cabin Fever.
  • The 2nd Anniversary Backpack was given for permanent duration, unlike the 1st Anniversary one.


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