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The 2-04-09 Patch was a patch that added "packs" which are bundles of items sold together cheaper than all the items bought separately. Another new Map was added along with another Black Market exclusive weapon. More Info Here

New NX Items

New GP Gear

New Maps


  • Box Glitches in Waverider have been removed due to many accidental deaths when jumping on boxes.
  • All Black Market items do not have rank restrictions anymore.
  • The character (Mercs and Base Character) would examine the weapon they are holding. Each type of weapon may have a different "examining" and different genders would also have different examining.
  • Power Leveling in Snowball Fight have been fixed to reduce money on saving tags dramatically.
  • New Events are here.
  • Players can't Sprint on Ladders anymore.
  • Hacking Shield has increased in defense to additional Hacks.

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