Operation: Bulwark - Phase Two was a Content Update on the 6th of December, 2013. It is the second part of a three-phase update, which started and ended at the following times:

Pacific (PDT): 
Eastern (EDT: 
Sydney, Australia (AEST): 

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

Phase Two:

  • You will now receive an additional confirmation window when selling NX Weapons for GP, to avoid accidental sellbacks.
  • Reduced the likelihood that the inbox will fail to update with new items.
  • Room names can now be changed after the Room is created.
  • EXP and GP bonuses for match MVPs have been increased to 10% (up from 3%).
  • Elite Moderators who receive a negative vote following an EMod Kick will now be able to call regular Vote Kicks during their moderation cooldown period. These Kicks must be approved by the rest of the game room, with the same rules as a non-moderated Vote Kick.
  • Players should no longer receive an incorrect error message when using Megaphones .
  • In Fireteam , squad members' health bars now flash when they are respawing.
  • Corrected the Kill Feed icon for the SV-98.
  • Corrected the audio effects for the SV-98.

​Updated Server Layout

Server Name Channels Rank Requirements EXP/GP Bonus Misc
Recruits 3 Trainee - Master Sergeant IV +10%
Regulars 5 Sergeant First Class I and above +10%
Veterans 2 Major I and above +10%
Free For All 4 All Ranks Allowed
Super Soldier 4 All Ranks Allowed Rec Rules Enabled 
Alliances 2 All Ranks Allowed +20 % Clan Server

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