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The 12-16-08 Patch that occurred in December 2008 was a true landmark for Combat Arms. With it came several features that were very fun and creative.

New Game Mode:

New Additions to the Item Shop:

New to the Black Market:


  • Elite Moderator power can be bought from the Black Market. Being an Elite Moderator (EM) allows you to immediately kick any abusive player from a game that you are moderating. With this power comes the responsibility to use this kick ability to improve the game experience for all players. Whenever an EM kicks a player, all other players will be able to vote on whether they agreed with the kick; this vote will permanently affect the EM’s rating as a moderator. Players will be able to see which game rooms are moderated by Elite Moderators by the “E” bubble icon next to each room number. A green “E” means that players have agreed with this Elite Moderator’s kick actions; a red “E” means that this moderator has made some unpopular decisions.
  • Female Base Characters are now available, along with 2 hidden characters.
  • The Waverider Glitch has been fixed, which is when players were able to go "under" Waverider and attack enemies from almost anywhere.

L96A1 Arctic Wolf

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