The 11-26-08 Patch brought a great deal of Gear with a high rank requirement, as well as a new mercenary, BaronStarting from November 11th to December 3rd, all players received a 25% EXP bonus, as well as major discounts on NX items.

New GP Gear

New NX Gear

Other Updates & Changes

  • Hack protection has been increased (certain hacks have been disabled).
  • The Capture the Flag glitch has been fixed. Please note that exploiting games (against intended gameplay) to power-level is against the Combat Arms Terms of Service and is considered glitching.
  • The rank requirement for the G23 has been lowered to Command Sergeant Major 4. The G18 has been added as the replacement reward for the 2nd Lieutenant 2 rank.
  • Requirement to be ranked on player web rankings has been increased to Staff Sergeant 1 Rank.

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