The 10-28-09 Patch is a monthly patch has debuted many new items in Combat Arms.

Map Changes

Quarantine mode is now available in Junk Flea

New Map

Operation: Grave Digger

New NX Items

New GP Items

Fixes and Other Changes

  • Server Names have been changed for Halloween
  • Two additional channels have been added to the Foxtrot Server
  • The Alpha Server and the Bravo Server now have 9 channels each
  • HiSec Case drop rates have been reduced
  • Channel Names have been added to help players to better find games for specific maps, modes, and arms options. This naming is only a suggestion, and does not impose any specific restrictions.


  • [All versions of PSG-1] - Default Magazine size has been increased
  • [All versions of the M14] - Firing rate has been increased

Minor Issues

  • Gift-Sent confirmation message updated for clarity
  • NX Credit Restriction window updated for clarity, reduction of Word Wrap issues
  • Anaconda Black 8-inch weapon name correctly appears on HUD in game
  • Pipe Exit in sewer of Warhead now appears as intended

Bug Fixes

  • Flame effect from exploding barrel no longer appears in Warhead outside of Quarantine Mode
  • Shop Graphic for 100% EXP Pass no longer reads as 100% GP
  • Gray HiSec Key purchase window no longer states it can be purchased with NX, corrected to say GP
  • MTAR-21 and MTAR-21 CAMO now correctly show Suppressors attached in game
  • World Lighting Changes from Quarantine Mode no longer carry over into Fireteam
  • Modification Page now correctly shows attached mods for Limited Edition (LE) weapons received from the Black HiSec Cases
  • Change Channel button within EXIT menu fixed
  • Weapons set to Burst Fire no longer 'resume' their burst-fire if interrupted
  • Missing texture corrected on the Balance Vest

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