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Featured Article: Rocco

New rocco image

Once a lieutenant in JSF's anti-terrorist unit, he left the military after his family's mysterious deaths in a car accident. The truth of his wife's former employment in Coleman's laboratories led him to join Warcorp in the hopes of learning more.
  — The Arsenal 

Rocco is a male Mercenary who was released after the 6-15-12 Patch. His original version is Classic Rocco. He can be purchased in the Shop (with a rank restriction of Command Sergeant Major/III).

Rocco wears a Balanced Vest that provides +10% Protection, at the cost of -3% Speed. Like any other Mercenary, one cannot equip a Vest or Uniform whilst using Rocco...

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  • The mercenary Rocco has been given his own special set weapons!
  • The Arms Race roster has been updated with various Rare and Limited items!
  • The MYST-N+ has been updated with new permanent weapons.


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    Wikia Secret Santa

    December 18, 2014 by LovingKate

    Hey Wikians!

    What do you think if we have a secret santa of sorts during the holiday season?

    However, I do believe we should give proof that we have the NX to give the gift.

    Therefore take a picture of the NX method (i.e. Karma Koin) with your username in the picture, sort of like a verification. I don't want anyone taking advantage of someone else.

    Opinions please! :D

    Kitteh Purrr RAWR! 00:35, December 18, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Gen-Electric

    I don't know about you, but I think these new Nexon Stats are rigged. I'll give the old stats in brackets.

    How in the world is a Python  (65 ACC) more accurate than the M14 SE (91 ACC)?

    Before this update M14 SE has 1 more accuracy than the L96A1 (90 ACC). Now L96A1 has the accuracy rating of 98 or 99.......... And the M14 SE now has 44 accuracy.

    Also the AN-94 TactOP had 49 damage now it has the same damage as a G36E with the damage being 44 or 45.

    There should be many more examples if you look carefully in game.

    Somebody please do accuracy, damage or .Rez file test to prove whether the true stats have been actually changed or they are just mistakenly shown in the arsenal.

    Any thoughts guys?

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